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Grace Digital’s new Ecostone speaker helps you rock out while you ride the rapids

Grace Digital, purveyors of a number of Bluetooth devices of all shapes and flavors, today unveiled a speaker built to rock out in nearly any condition – including your favorite H2O adventures – dubbed the Ecostone. Among its many talents, the Ecostone’s rugged exterior is built to float along the waves. And while we’ve seen floating speakers before, the speaker appears to be far from a one-trick pony, concealing a number of other talents up its sleeve. Ecoxgear, Grace Digital’s outdoors-focused arm, began shipping the versatile Bluetooth speaker yesterday at a price-point of $150.

The Ecostone is a kind of all-in-one camping tool that happens to be a speaker, too. The speaker, with its convenient handle and weight under three pounds, is portable and easy to bring along on any journey into the wild. The device has a handy USB battery charger for smartphones and tablets, as well as an integrated LED flashlight for when the lights go out. The Ecostone has also undergone extensive durability and ruggedness tests, passing both the IP68 international waterproofing standards and military-grade testing MIL-810G, making it equally durable whether its submerged in water or braving a brutal sandstorm with temperature testing up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The speaker’s rubberized shockproof casing is the rugged cherry on top.

Audio-wise, the device offers dual 3.5-inch drivers powered by 12 watts of power each, as well as a rear-mounted subwoofer. The speaker also features a top-mounted battery indicator with a four-step LED battery meter and an optional mounting bracket for attaching the speaker to a backpack, kayak, tent, or car.

The Ecostone is not the first of its kind to make like a life preserver. Grace Digital’s Ecoxgear dropped the $102 Ecoxbt just over a year ago, but its unreliable wireless connection, sharp treble, and lack of body in the lower midrange made it somewhat of a dud. However, the San Diego-based company claims that this newest speaker from Ecoxgear doubles the speaker size, power, volume level, and bass performance. Let’s hope this actually adds up to a speaker that’s worth listening to, not just a dressed-up camping multi-tool.

You can get your own Ecostone via stores such as Cabela’s and US Cellular, or order online via Amazon. The Bluetooth speaker is available in black, blue, orange, and “Real Tree,” whatever that is.

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