JAMO E855 Reference Tower Speakers Review

Quote from the review at Future Looks:

“The JAMO E855′ present such depth, warmth, clarity, and detail to all sorts of music, even movies. They have really taken our high value, high performance Parasound HALO system to the next level, but without being out of the price range of what we had attached to it before. It puzzles me to see our Klipsch perform so poorly next to them. Perhaps JAMO knows something the Americans don’t? All I know is what my ears have told me, and they have told me that the JAMO E855s make all my music sound better, more real, and more enjoyable.

Overall, I can safely say that the JAMO E855s are some of the best sounding speakers in its price range. I’ve heard many offerings at or around this price point, and based on what I’m hearing and seeing from the E855s, they could easily be in a price bracket at least double what they are. They really do sound like a more expensive, more refined speaker. Until I hear something better at this price point, the JAMO E855 Reference Towers will wear the Futurelooks “Editor’s Choice Award” proudly.”

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