Joey Roth’s new ceramic subwoofer blends old-school materials with modern function

joey roth ceramic sub joeyrothsub

Recently made available, this cylindrical ceramic sub from Joey Roth is one of several devices to drop this fall that utilize the material. Formerly, ceramics and electronics didn’t belong in a common breath, but the former has now become a trend in the latter, and – as evidenced by all-ceramic engines – subwoofers and speakers are mere entries in a litany of unlikely uses.

This new sub joins an existing set of Joey Roth speakers to compose a fully analog ceramic sound system.  The woofer definitely falls into the so-old-its-new category, as not only is its porcelain shell antique-y, so too is its analog-only sound. Not so antique-y, however, is its 50-watt Class-D Amp, 40Hz-200Hz frequency range, and 6.5-inch driver, all of which belie its exterior.

We’ve yet to review the sub, but we did get some hands-on time with the speakers and came away with a decidedly positive impression. What we really wanted from the ceramic speakers was more bass; so, if the sub measures up, we anticipate the combo will make for a pretty high-quality sound system.

A word of caution, however: it’s going to be a bit pricey. is offering the sub, speakers included, for $1100, and the sub alone for $700.