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LG debuts Tone Free headset and Tone Studio wearable speaker ahead of CES

LG’s Tone line of wireless earbuds — also known as “neckbuds” because of the band that sits around your neck — has been fairly well-regarded for years, but while the company has made various tweaks and improvements, they have mostly stayed the same. That is set to change at CES 2017, as the company is debuting two all-new models. The Tone Free represents the company’s first true wireless earbuds, while the Tone Studio is a personal wearable speaker.

“LG has a rich legacy of innovating in the wearable audio market, and our products have become the standard by which all other earphones are judged,” Michael Park, LG Electronics’ vice president of the Innovative Personal Devices Business Division, said in a statement. “We are committed to leading the way in this fast-moving market by developing exciting new products which appeal to every music-loving and convenience-seeking individual.”

The Tone Studio aims to provide you with a personal surround sound system by using four speakers. Two full-range drivers sit on top, while a pair of vibrating drivers on the bottom pump up the bass. LG teamed up with DTS — a company that knows a thing or two about surround sound — to ensure that the Tone Studio delivers a home theater-like experience on the go. You can even pair two headsets together to watch a movie with someone else.

Despite their true wireless nature, the Tone Free earbuds still use the Tone series’ neckband. This provides extra battery life since the earbuds charge whenever they are stored inside the neckband, and also offers vibration alerts for incoming calls and messages. The Tone Free earbuds support voice controls, allowing entirely hands-free operation, and also offer an optional charging case, similar to those offered with true wireless earbuds from other companies.

So far, there is no pricing or release information for the LG Tone Studio or Tone Free, but the company will be showing them off at CES next month in Las Vegas. These two aren’t the only headsets the company will show either, as it has said it will bring new Tone Infinim and Tone Ultra models, as well as existing models in the Tone series.

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