Libratone brings Android and Windows users into the fold with recent app update

libratone software update zipp 625x364 c

Back in September, we looked at Libratone’s Zipp, a cylindrical wireless speaker with a cozy wool cover. Yesterday, the company announced a free software update for the model, which also applies to its Live and Lounge wireless speakers. The update – which Libratone says provides a boost to both performance and versatility – brings Android and Windows into the fold, while also enhancing the product lineup’s capabilities with respect to Apple’s iOS.

The add-on will also extend Libratone’s PlayDirect technology – initially developed for Zipp – to the Libratone Live and Lounge, allowing the speakers to function without the need for a convoluted setup. PlayDirect creates a direct connection between your speaker and your music device. 

Android and Windows device will now connect via newly-supported DLNA technology, allowing them to stream music to Libratone’s speakers via an in-home Wi-Fi network. At CES 2013, we saw compatibility emphasized and re-emphasized, so it’s no surprise to see companies moving to retroactively broaden their products’ usability. 

Said Libratone CEO Tommy Andersen, “the very essence of Libratone is freedom, and through this update many more people will be able to set their music free.”

Applying the new functionality is as easy as downloading or updating the Libratone app.