Mitsubishi Introduces new Televisions

LCD Televisions

Mitsubishi introduced four Digital Cable Ready microdisplay high-definition televisions that feature three-chip LCD technology and all-new compact, high-style designs at its national dealer line show.

Mitsubishi’s WD-52527 (52-inch), WD-62527 (62-inch), WD-52528 (52-inch) and WD-62528 (62-inch) are equipped with SmartShutter, Mitsubishi’s patented high-contrast system that produces images with deep blacks and incredible dark scene detail. SmartShutter improves contrast by four times when compared to standard LCD rear projection systems, thanks to Mitsubishi’s proprietary optical technology that utilizes advanced aperture control to reduce light output levels during dark scenes.

These models boast 1280 x 720 pixel resolution and feature Mitsubishi’s Plush720p imaging technology. Plush720p includes an advanced algorithm that creates high-resolution imagery from standard definition digital and analog sources such as DVD and cable TV.

The WD-52528 and WD-62528 also add two unique Mitsubishi technologies, DeepField imager and SharpEdge, both switchable from the TVs’ on-screen menus. DeepField imager allows the TV to display enhanced contrast and black levels and constantly monitors the picture signal and finely adjusts brightness, contrast and gamma so that every part of every frame is optimized. This results in a picture with greater depth-of-field, especially in scenes with both dark and light areas. SharpEdge creates crisp edges between objects and backgrounds for sharply defined video images.

All four of these Mitsubishi LCD projection televisions include ClearThought technology, making them the easiest to use TVs available. ClearThought includes an integrated HDTV tuner with CableCARD slot; NetCommand 5.0, the latest generation of Mitsubishi’s home theater system control; all-digital audio which converts every audio signal to digital output; and the TV Guide On Screen electronic program guide. These televisions are also equipped with two HDMI inputs, two component inputs (three on the 528 series), an IEEE1394 interface, and an advanced illuminated remote control.

Plasma Monitors

Mitsubishi introduced two new plasma monitors at its national dealer line show today. The new 42-inch PD-4265 and 50-inch PD-5065 feature advanced, industry-leading 12-bit color processing, resulting in more than eight times the number of colors available in traditional plasma products. This high-precision color process delivers more than 68 billion colors for breathtaking vibrant images.

Both monitors include Mitsubishi’s BrightCell plasma technology, which uses thinner, darker cell wall construction for more phosphor area per pixel. The result is a sharper, more detailed picture with remarkably smooth images and bright, vivid colors.

Another feature shared by both displays is Mitsubishi’s MicroFilter technology. Each plasma cell has a matched microfilter that optimizes red, green and blue phosphors to create truly natural color balance and more realistic images.

Each display includes Mitsubishi’s six-way color control to allow the user to independently adjust six colors for optimal picture performance. The 42-inch model displays in 1024 x 768 resolution while the 50-inch boasts 1365 x 768 resolution. Both monitors utilize Mitsubishi’s Plush imaging to deliver superior brightness, contrast and color accuracy.

The new models feature an HDMI input and come with removable low-profile, bottom-mounted speakers and a height-adjustable stand.

LCD Flat Panel TV’s

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America Inc. introduced two new Digital Cable Ready, high-definition LCD flat panel televisions at its national dealer line show today. The line-up is highlighted by a new 37-inch HDTV with true high-definition 1920 x 1080p panel resolution. Mitsubishi’s LCD TVs include Plush imaging to deliver an unmatched perfect picture every time and ClearThought technology to make it easy to watch TV.

The new 32-inch LT-3280 and 37-inch LT-3780 feature Mitsubishi’s SuperBright continuous backlighting system. The SuperBright high-density lamp system provides highly uniform corner-to-corner brightness and images that don’t wash out regardless of room lighting conditions. Both LCD HDTVs include Mitsubishi’s acclaimed PerfectColor technology enabling the viewer to create the perfect color palette through six-way independent color control. These models also incorporate Mitsubishi’s proprietary Plush imaging, an upconversion system for sharp edges and blur-free images. Additionally, the LT-3780 includes Plush1080p, an advanced 1080i-to-1080p deinterlace algorithm providing high-definition images of stunning clarity.

The LT-3280 and LT-3780 feature a Digital Cable Ready HDTV tuner with CableCARD slot and a comprehensive array of video and audio inputs including an IEEE1394 interface, two HDMI inputs, two component video inputs, two composite video inputs and two S-video inputs. Dual HDMI inputs provide the ultimate in future connectivity for digital set-top boxes including high-definition digital cable, satellite and video player/recorders. The LT-3280 and LT-3780 also include a nine-format memory card reader for digital picture display or to play digital audio files.

DLP MicroDisplays

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America Inc. introduced integrated digital video recording capabilities in its new Diamond line of microdisplay HDTVs at its national dealer line show today.

Mitsubishi’s new Diamond series 62-inch WD-62827 and 73-inch WD-73827 include an internal 160GB hard disc drive, allowing up to 16 hours of HD recording, while the 62-inch WD-62927 and 73-inch WD-73927 have a 250GB hard drive capable of recording up to 25 hours of HD content. Each comes with two HDTV tuners, enabling the user to record a high-definition program while watching another channel or other content. All four models employ a 150W lamp for super bright images, and Mitsubishi’s most advanced, removable anti-glare shield.

These new Diamond HDTVs also sport new cabinetry: high-gloss black for the 827 series and high-tech silver for the 927 series. They feature 1920 x 1080p resolution and Mitsubishi’s proprietary Dark Detailer and Plush imaging system to display the perfect picture every time. Plush imaging includes DeepField imager and SharpEdge technology, as well as Plush1080p, Mitsubishi’s third-generation upconversion system updated for 1080i-to-1080p deinterlacing.

Dark Detailer is new Mitsubishi technology that provides enhanced contrast and black levels. It allows a wider palette of dark gray shades, giving a realistic sense of depth to the picture.

DeepField imager is a new system Mitsubishi developed that allows the television to display enhanced contrast and sharpness. It constantly monitors the picture signal and finely adjusts brightness, contrast and gamma so that every part of every frame is optimized. This results in a picture with greater depth-of-field, especially in scenes with both dark and light areas.

SharpEdge is the latest version of an exclusive Mitsubishi edge-definition system. New for this year, it enhances both horizontal and vertical edges for stunning picture precision.

All four televisions have two HDMI inputs, three component video inputs and a nine-format memory card reader. The 927 series also comes with a dedicated PC input, added specifically to complement HD media center PCs.

All four are Digital Cable Ready using CableCARD, with a front panel IEEE1394 jack and a DV decoder to allow easy playback from digital video camcorders.

We will have a featured story covering the Mitsubishi dealer show next week, complete with pictures.

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