Launches HD Broadband Video

Remember back in November when we noted MyTVPal was promising to offer 1080p high-definition video on demand to North American customers via broadband Internet connections? You might never know, since their Internet sites still aren’t responding, but MatrixStream has announced the North American launch of its broadband video on demand service, offering both DVD-quality and high-definition video via their broadband Internet service via a PC-based player or a IMX 1020 HD set top box connected to a television display. Although the full subscription movie package is supposed to be available this month,’s initial offering North America’s Best Animated Shorts, an 84-minute compilation film available for free for a limited time, and 100 movie trailers.

According to MatrixStream, video will offer full 720 by 480 DVD resolution for standard definition video with AC3 sound; the company says it also plans to offer high-definition video titles and, eventually, offer a library of 100,000 titles in a 700 to 1,000-channel lineup. They say their service will scale to millions of users using the company’s patent-pending xms video-on-demand technology deployed to 34 U.S. data centers tied together via fiber networking links…but considering their sites haven’t been accessible at all for hours now, we wouldn’t recommend holding our breath. The company previously announced it planned to get into the user-generated content business during 2007.

Hey, if we can ever connect to their sites, maybe we’ll be able to form an opinion.