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Native Union’s brick-shaped Switch Bluetooth speaker has a few tricks up its sleeve

Check out our review of the Native Untion Switch bluetooth speaker. 

Amid flurry of Bluetooth speakers that made an appearance at this year’s CES, Native Union debuted the Switch, a brick-shaped Bluetooth speaker that focuses on style and ease of use. The device features LED indicators for at-a-glance battery-checks, among other intuitive features, and is the company’s first portable, Bluetooth-enabled speaker.

Switch is powered by three drivers and features an active subwoofer, which is pretty impressive for the $150 price tag. It sports a pretty resilient battery as well, and plays for 14 hours at a clip.

In a feature that’s become standard with Bluetooth speakers, Native Union’s newbie can also handle conference calls, but it’s perhaps better suited to do so than most thanks to a full-duplex microphone, which lets parties on both end of the line speak simultaneously.

The brick-like design can be either lay down or stand up, and comes in either rubberized or gloss finishes, in a variety of colors that include slate, bordeaux, aquamarine, white or black.

Native Union will begin selling the Switch in spring 2013.

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