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Trouble is brewing in Netflix’s new NSFW teaser for Adam Sandler’s The Do-Over

More ridiculousness, here we come. The second movie of Adam Sandler’s four-film deal with NetflixThe Do-Over, is coming to the streaming service this May. The company revealed the comedy’s premiere date today and also dropped the first teaser.

Co-starring Sandler and David Spade, The Do-Over centers on two friends whose lives haven’t turned out they way they had wanted. When one manipulates the other into faking his own death and setting off on an adventure, trouble obviously follows. As it turns out, they’ve assumed the identities of men who have a host of problems of their own, and the duo gets caught up in the impersonation. This, friends, is just one reason why identity theft is a bad idea.

The brief teaser certainly shows the downside of their plan. Although they are at first shown enjoying fast cars, beaches, and bikinis (well, bikini-wearing women), we quickly see clear signs of trouble. There’s a man with a bandaged head scaring a couple outside of a hospital, David Spade’s character firing a gun, and a car bursting through a garage door. “Sure about this, tough guy?” Sandler’s character asks Spade’s at the very end. Although the latter gives an enthusiastic (and NSFW) affirmative response, it looks like this may turn into a case of “famous last words.”

Along with the two comedians, the cast includes Paula Patton, Kathryn Hahn, Sean Astin, Catherine Bell, and more. The comedy is directed by Steven Brill and written by Kevin Barnett and Chris Pappas. Sandler serves as producer alongside Allen Covert and Kevin Grady.

Netflix previously highlighted the popularity of its last Sandler-starring flick, Ridiculous 6, so we’ll see if he can recreate that success with his latest movie for the streaming giant. The Do-Over will be available on Netflix worldwide starting on May 27.

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