Panasonic and Philips Join DVD Talks

“More electronics companies have joined talks between Japan’s Sony Corp. and Toshiba Corp. to develop a common format for next-generation DVDs and end a fierce battle, industry sources said onFriday.

Other key companies involved in the format war, including Matsushita’s Panasonic and Netherlands-based Philips are also studying ways to end the three-year stand-off that is threatening to stifle the industry’s growth.

But sources close to the electronics companies said it was still early days, and that the discussions would take a long time, while adding that a positive outcome was not guaranteed. “

Remember that these discussions surround the DVD format slated to come out after HD-DVD and Blu-Ray have already been introduced to the market. So expect an actual outcome to surface in a couple years. Rumors are speculating that Sony may be developing a Blu-Ray video player that can also play HD-DVD discs, although nothing has been announced yet.

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