Pioneer’s 50-Inch, 1080p Plasma Display

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Pioneer Electronics has unveiled its PRO-FH1 high-definition plasma display, aimed at film and video aficionados who want the very best in high-definition viewing. The PRO-FDH1 measures 50 inches and offers native 1080p resolution, along with a precision upscaler that’ll put those pesky 480i, 720p, 720i and 1080i signals on its incredibly detailed display as well.

Pioneer has crammed more than 2 million pixels into the screen, even claims the pixels are the world’s smallest, measuring just .576 millimeters for impressive onscreen detail. Pioneer boasts it makes it easier to tell when a stunt double takes over for a scene, but we’re sure most buyers will put the super-powers of their new displays to more important uses. The PRO-FHD1 offers a slate of inputs