Plug iPods into Russound Multi-Room Audio

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Russound, a leading provider of multi-room audio solutions, has announced its iBridge Dock for iPod, enabling Ipod owners to plug their portable players into Russound’s multi-room systems and control the music from any available access point.

“Consumers want more than a holder for their iPods. They want the same, if not more functionality, within their multi-room audio systems. With the iBridge Dock, they can have their iPod music collection available in every room of the house, select songs just like they do with their iPod, plus see metadata feedback on their keypads,” said Andy Lewis Russound Product Manager.

Users can connect multiple iBridge Docks to their Russound RNet multi-room audio systems using ordinary Cat-5 Ethernet cabling; once connected, uers can control the iPod using the system’s keypads and touch screens. In Russound terms, the iPod becomes a “smart source,” and users have full control over song and playlist selection (and the ability to select music by album, genre, artist or title) from any Russound controller. Music metadata displays on the controller screens to enable users to see information what they’re hearing.

For non-RNet systems, the iBridge Dock includes an IR control interface compatible with Russound’s CAA66 and SAS44 controller amps and A-BUS multi-room systems. Multiple iBridge Docks can be designated as a multiroom source, and docks cabn be placed at convenient locations (near doors and entrances, perhaps, or in particular rooms) up to 300 feet from the controller.

iBridge Dock and RNET A/V Decoder are available as a kit with a suggested price of $599. The iBridge Dock includes five well adapters to connect to most iPod models, and docks iPods are automatically recharged.