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Build an epic home stereo system around Rotel’s high-end RA-1572 integrated amp

Rotel is a well-known brand to audiophiles, who favor its high-end components when tricking out their home stereo setups. And now its family of products is about to get some new additions. The company’s 15 Series lineup is getting three new devices — the Rotel RA-1572 integrated amp, the RC-1572 preamp, and the RCD-1572 CD player.

In a time when home theaters are centralized around A/V receivers and ever expanding surround sound systems, you don’t hear about integrated amplifiers all that often. But integrated amps are paramount to a quality hi-fi audio setup, and Rotel’s latest offering, the RA-1572, is another example of the company’s penchant for melding classic sound with cutting-edge tech.

Positioned as a sweet mix of analog and digital components, the RA-1572 features a 32-bit/768kHz AKM digital-to-analog converter alongside a wealth of digital and analog audio connection options. Those include a USB input for fast data transfer on the front and back when connecting to iOS devices (the back port will charge your device, even in standby mode), which also supports DSD files. Also onboard are two coax and optical audio inputs, and Bluetooth for wireless connections with aptX support for applicable devices (i.e., no iOS), and the RA-1572 can also be connected to PCs via USB, though this will require separate driver installation on your computer.

On the analog side, the amp features RCA and balanced XLR inputs, and last — but far from least — a moving magnet phono input. Padding out the features are two 12-volt triggers that can be used to turn connected components on and off, Wi-Fi support for software updates, and an iOS control app.

While we haven’t yet had the chance to check out the RA-1572, we’ve been impressed by Rotel’s integrated amps, including the glorious RA-1570. Given the feature set and Rotel’s audiophile credentials, we’re eager to see what this latest unit has to offer.

Also new is Rotel’s RC-1572 preamp, which features a variety of digital inputs and wireless connections that make it stand out from analog-only models. Like the RA-1572, the RC-1572 features a 32-bit/768kHz AKM DAC, and can be controlled with the Rotel iOS controller app. It has two coax and two optical inputs that support up to 24bit/192KHz audio, and offers a USB port which supports a variety of audio files at 32bit/384KHz resolution, as well as DSD files. Analog inputs include two XLR and four RCA connections, along side a mono subwoofer out.

Completing the trio is Rotel’s new audiophile CD player, the RCD-1572. For those still dusting off their CD collection, the RCD-1572 is loaded for high-quality playback including a Wolfson WM8740 stereo DAC, and support of 24bit resolution discs at 8-192kHz. Like its siblings, the RCD-1572 too can be controlled via the Rotel iOS app.

All three devices are currently available in both silver and black finishes at the prices below through authorized retailers:

  • RA-1572 integrated app, $1700
  • RC-1572 preamp, $1100
  • RCD-1572 CD player, $900

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