Sony Jumps to First Place In LCD TVs

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According to market research firm DisplaySearch, Sony has sprung from fourth place to first place among makers of LCD televisions during the fourth quarter of 2005, knocking Sharp from the top slot for the first time ever. Part of Sony’s good fortune stems from the with the successful launch of its Bravia line of displays, but perhaps more surprising is that Sony is having a good deal of success selling big (32-inch and larger) displays than any of the top eight LCD TV suppliers.

According to DisplaySearch, Sony lead the pack in the final quarter of 2005 with a 14.6 percent market share, representing a 164 percent growth in unit volume from the third quarter of 2005. Philips/Magnavox took second place, followed by Sharp, Samsung, and LGE.

Price cuts fueled unit sales at the end of 2005, with the average price of a 32-inch LCD television dropping to $1,493, a 16 percent drop from the third quarter. Overall sales of LCD televisions rose significantly during the fourth quarter of 2005, with overall shipments increasing 58 percent to 8.6 million units. Year-on-year, LCD television shipments rose 141 percent during 2005 to 21.2 million units. For 2006, DisplaySearch forecasts LCD TV shipments will reach 46 million units.