Speaker Placement Guides

An Essential Guide to Home Theater Speaker Placement


“The goal of all speaker placement for movie soundtrack playback and multichannel music reproduction — even stereo — is a smooth, consistent and unbroken soundstage across the front, coupled with a sense of envelopment in the ambient surround effects. In other words, you’re after a sense of location, whether that is suggested by what’s on-screen, by the recording venue or even the dry, intimate acoustic of many pop/rock studio recordings.”

Stereo Setup Guide: What the Pros Know


The goal of good, two-channel speaker placement should always be a smooth, consistent, and unbroken soundstage across the front, with a sense of front-to-back depth (when it’s present on the source recording; many dry studio recordings have no depth at all). Ideally, you should get a sense that some instruments extend beyond the left-right physical borders of the speakers.