Syntax Launches 26-Inch Olevia LCD TV

Syntax will showcase its new “iDEA” technology at DisplaySearch’s US FPD 2005 conference.

Syntax’s iDEA (Innovative Digitally Enhanced Architecture), a highly integrated System-On-a-Chip, delivers an exceptional solution to digital display complexities commonly associated with color, contrast, sharpness, motion and noise. Through a suite of iDEA’s built-in and user-selectable features, the new 26-inch Olevia LCD TV, as well as Syntax’s future models, achieves crisp, clear pictures with precise colors and sharp resolution.

Syntax’s iDEA technology includes four pre-configured image quality features for a premium HDTV cinematic video experience:

— Dynamic Brightness and Contrast Controls maintain overall picture quality by providing consistent, balanced color levels to control shades of gradation in dark or bright image scenes.

— Pure Edge Enhancement virtually eliminates jagged edges from traditional interlaced video formats by creating refined edges around the objects on the screen. Through motion compensated de-interlacing, Pure Edge Enhancement maintains the integrity of video data by minimizing image loss during the scaling process.

— Chroma Transition Improvement reduces distortion and produces sharp color shifts resulting in precise, detailed video images. While transferring interlaced video formats to the LCD TV’s progressive display, color transitions are sharpened through iDEA’s algorithms and motion compensated de-interlacing to minimize any “ghost trailing” effects.

For consumers who want to “fine tune” the look and feel of their TV images, Syntax’s iDEA includes additional on/off enhancements to customize their viewing experience.

— Dynamic Noise Reduction is a filter to reduce motion pattern noises without blurring the image, thus delivering crisper, clearer moving images.

— Black Level Extender creates deeper, richer black colors by identifying and extending “grays” to maintain black level consistency across images.

— White Peak Limiter analyzes and limits the amplitude of white frequencies, which can distort images that appear faded or washed-out distortion during bright scenes.

— Flesh Tone Control adjusts images to correct and deliver more natural appearances.

— Adaptive Luma Control automatically detects and improves image brightness accordingly.

Olevia 26-inch LCD TV with iDEA Technology Delivers Value & Stylish, Space Saving Entertainment

Syntax’s new 26-inch HDTV-ready Olevia LCD TV (LT26HVE) offers consumers a rich assortment of specifications in its thin, flat LCD panel design. Competitively priced at $899 (MSRP), it features a high quality widescreen LCD panel packaged in an attractive black bezel, and delivers sharp 1280×768 (WXGA) resolution, 750:1 contrast ratio, 700cd brightness, de-interlaced up to 1080i, a wide 170/170 viewing angle, 12ms response time, dual progressive scan component inputs, DVI with HDCP and VGA inputs, single NTSC tuner, 3D comb filter and 3:2 pulldown.

Syntax Olevia LT26HVE

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