TiVo’s Roamio DVRs now offer streaming to Apple TV via AirPlay

tivo roamio boxes now offer airplay streaming to apple tv cloud 2

Users of TiVo’s Roamio Plus (and Pro) boxes will now be able to stream their recorded content through the Apple TV. While the boxes previously featured streaming support on iPhones and iPads, the TiVo app will now let viewers watch recorded content on Apple TV-connected televisions.  The DVR maker announced the update to its iOS app today according to the blog MacRumors.

“For the first time, TiVo users can access their content on TV via a third party consumer electronics device, giving entertainment junkies an amazing multiscreen experience,” the company explains in a press release. “TiVo users can now stream their recorded shows to Apple TV via AirPlay. TiVo users have yet another way to watch their favorite shows, on another screen, wherever they are.”

Using the new functionality is straightforward: after an initial setup process, just navigate to “My Shows,” pick a show, and choose to play it on the iPhone. The content will then be mirrored on any television connected to an Apple TV via AirPlay. The iOS player includes 5-second rewind, and 30 second skip functionality in addition to volume, show information, an option to zoom in and out as well as the ability to toggle close captioning on and off.

The AirPlay functionality also works with Roamio basic and TiVo Premiere customers, provided that they have the separate TiVo Stream box. Do note that the multi-platform streaming only works within a local wi-fi network, which means that Apple TVs outside of your home will not have TiVo streaming capabilities.

The new feature is particularly helpful for TiVo users who have multiple TVs in their home and want to stream content on TVs which aren’t hooked up to the Roamio. This new Roamio AirPlay support follows recent news that TiVo subscribers can now stream recordings and live TV on the web.

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