Turntables for your keychain: Urbanears Lets you Rock the Party with its Slussen Adapter and App


Are you ruthless on the 1’s and 2’s? A musical magician? A third-degree black-belt in the ancient art of fighting for party rights? If you answered any/all of those questions in the affirmative, modesty is not your forte, but you might just be the perfect candidate for the Urbanears Slussen.

The new keychain-hanging adapter works with iOS devices and features two 3.5mm input jacks and one 3.5mm output. Link up your iOS device, a speaker, and a pair of headphones (Urbanears, of course) and voila: a professionally stewarded party (assuming, of course, you’re on that level).

To control the setup, you’ll need to download the Slusen app. The app displays diminutive digital turntables, allowing you to mix two tracks at a time, operate an equalizer, and preview whatever you’ve got waiting in the wings on your headphones. It looks pretty sweet if you ask us.

A scratch function and the ability to increase BPM (beats per measure) are also cool features, but the coolest of all is the price – $15. Considering that the real thing costs a much prettier penny, this is a neat little option.

The Urbanears Slussen is available now in four colors: pumpkin, grape, tomato, and petrol (aka: orange, purple, red, and blue).