Add a Sharp Solar Panel to Your Home

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The Sharp Solar Racking System includes 187-watt ND-187U1 solar modules and can be added to existing homes in addition to new ones.

“Consumers and businesses alike are embracing solar energy to power their homes and workplaces. As a world leader in solar, Sharp has taken the next step toward accommodating consumers’ needs by strengthening its suite of reliable and attractively designed solar energy products,” said Ron Kenedi, vice president of Sharp’s Solar Energy Solutions Group. “Our one-stop solar system package guarantees the efficiency and reliability that our customers have come to trust from Sharp’s solar modules.”

According to Sharp, the SRS is designed for quick and simple installation and puts the installer in mind with extra attention to details. For example, the shared-rail system requires 30 percent less rail that older traditional systems, which translates to quicker installation.

The SRS system does not require cutting or drilling or protruding screws. It also has a very low profile to limit visibility from the ground.