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For Earth Day 2023, Recycle the Old and Go Green with eufy Security

eufy Security S220 SoloCam Earth Day promo

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Earth Day serves as a reminder that we must change human behavior, at least when it comes to waste and excess, and create global policy changes that are better for the environment and our local communities. As we head into Earth Day for 2023, it makes sense to be mindful of how we’re treating our planet. And one thing that’s quite damaging is the constant upgrade and disposal of modern consumer electronics. From the rare Earth metals used to build them to the eventual waste they create as they’re thrown away — more than 50 million metric tons of e-waste is generated globally each year — our tech does pose a threat to the environment and the planet. While tech adoption and the infamous upgrade to the latest and greatest devices won’t slow anytime soon, it’s always great to see new programs that aim to solve these kinds of problems.

Cue the eufy Security Trade-In program. To coincide with the launch of its newest S220 SoloCam smart security camera, they’re honoring a recycling process for customers, allowing them to send in old devices and get an exclusive discount for their trade-in. The program is a partnership between eufy Security and Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations, intending to cut down on e-waste. First, let’s consider the equitable program and then take a closer look at eufy Security’s latest S220 SoloCam.

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How Does the eufy Security Trade-In Program Work?

eufy Security Trade In program for Earth Day

Participating in the program is seamless. Customers can head to to submit eligible products and through a partnership with Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations, those old devices will be recycled appropriately.

After ordering the new S220 SoloCam, an ultra-compact and full-featured security camera that runs completely on solar power, customers will receive a confirmation email. That correspondence will include a form, that once filled out will notify DLI that there’s a recyclable device and they will send shipping labels for the old products. It’s important to note that your upgrade doesn’t necessarily have to be from a eufy device, but also can be from eligible competitors, as well. Now’s an excellent time to upgrade your security surveillance setup and go green.

This program will be available from April 20 to May 5, allowing customers to effectively recycle and properly dispose of their old devices while getting an exclusive discount to upgrade to the more eco-friendly S220 SoloCam.

Time to Go Solar: Introducing the eufy Security S220 SoloCam

Eufy S220 SoloCam solar-powered security camera mounted to side of house.

Just in time for Earth Day, eufy Security is launching its eco-friendly and solar-powered S220 SoloCam security camera, offering a 2K video resolution, human detection features, and no monthly storage fees. The most exciting feature, of course, is the built-in 0.9-watt solar panel which generates up to 400mAh of solar energy per day, or three times the average daily wattage that the camera actually needs to function. It’s enough to power the surveillance camera and give residents, peace of mind, day and night.

But this is a security camera we’re talking about, so what else is included? For starters, the 2K resolution and f/1.6 aperture lens deliver excellent visual fidelity so you can see all of the small details clearly, live feed or not. Moreover, LED night vision keeps the picture as clear during the night and low-light conditions as it is during the day.

Here are some of the other excellent features the S220 SoloCam offers:

  • Full compatibility with the eufy Security Homebase 3 data hub
  • Accurate human detection
  • 135-degree field-of-view with a wide-angle lens
  • Wire-free weatherproof design
  • Easy to install and set up
  • H.264 advanced video encoding with high compatibility
  • Two-way audio with a pickup range of up to 8 meters from the camera
  • Solar-powered with a 4-month backup battery built-in
  • Works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • 2.4 GHz WiFi connectivity

Who is Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations?

eufy Security is cooperating with DLI for this trade-in program, so who are they?

Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations is a sustainable organization dedicated to helping its customers reuse, recycle, and recover security-driven electronics and materials through eco-friendly means. Their mission is to help protect the environment by removing reusable materials from the world’s waste streams, thereby cutting down on e-waste and other damaging waste materials.

What’s the Deal Available for eufy Security S220 SoloCam Customers?

As previously mentioned, U.S. customers can order the eufy Security S220 SoloCam through their storefront and Amazon at a discounted price of $100 when you use the code ECO30S220 at checkout, through May 5, 2023, but after that, it will return to its normal price of $130. The total discount shaves off $30 right off the bat, which is excellent for a security camera of any type, let alone one that includes solar functionality built-in. Once your old devices have been returned for recycling, you will receive a coupon for a 10% sitewide discount. Availability and pricing for both the U.K. and Germany will be announced later.

If you’ve been wanting to modernize your security surveillance equipment while improving your impact on the environment, now’s your chance. This offer allows you to grab a wireless solar-powered camera at a discount while also trading in your old gear that’s sucking up traditional power. Don’t wait, because the promotion will be over before you know it.

You may also find more information about exclusive promotions, new products, and brand information by following eufy Security across its social accounts, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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