Autobot Ukulele: Musicbots in disguise

Remember that tribute band you were going to form in college all dressed up as Transformers? Sure you don’t, but while we will forgive your selective memory, we couldn’t help bring to your attention the amazingly awesome and awesomely geeky Transformer themed Ukulele.

The Autobot Ukulele is handcrafted by Ashevill, NC’s Celentano Woodworks and is comprised of Ipe and Maple hardwoods. The wonderfully nerdy instrument costs $550, is custom made, and can be made to fit any size or shape. Music lovers and Transformers fanatics will surely love to hold one of these unique ukes in their hands and strum away, melting the face of any Decepticon foolish enough to get in range of its dulcet tones.

If you’re looking to snag one this holiday season, think again, unfortunately they are on back order, but you can still head over to Etsy and put your name on the waiting list.