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Filter this! This coffee system offers cold brew on the go

Move over French Press, drip, and single-serve java machines; a new coffee maker is on the grinding block. BodyBrew claims its Bod coffee system, which uses a patented, cold-brew infusion technology, delivers a more distilled, less oily and acidic Cup o’ Joe than conventional, heat-based methods. It’s not a taste everyone prefers over hot-brewed coffee, but Bod’s portability might make it attractive to cold-brew enthusiasts.

The Bod’s inventors make a lot of bold claims beyond its coffee’s slightly sweeter, more concentrated taste. Percolating flavor from beans in this way creates a less acidic cup of coffee; it may reduce stomach upset and discoloration of tooth enamel, according to BodyBrew.

To get your coffee on, pour coarsely ground coffee into the stainless steel filter and brew chamber with cold water. Next, attach the built-in, 24-ounce Bean Kanteen, and after 12 to 24 hours (you’ll definitely need to plan ahead), flip the device. The coffee extract instantly passes into the container, which can store between 8 and 12 servings of coffee extract. For hot cups, pour the preferred amount of extract into a receptacle and dilute to taste with heated water. Iced-coffee fans can drench the extract over ice, water, and milk.

The curvaceous, hourglass-shaped vessel is portable, too. Accessories including a six-ounce Bean Kanteen and 3.4-ounce Baby Bean Kanteen, to make on-the-go coffee pick-me-ups possible.

Constructed out of Tritan plastic, the Bod is designed to be spill-, shatter-, and leak-proof, and the contraption’s parts can be dismantled for dishwashing. Available in four colors (ice blue, cool grey, stealth-black, arctic-white), pre-orders for the Bod ($59) begin March 23.

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