Jealous, Ikea? Stockwerk accordion shelves unfold in no time with no tools

Whether you’re fan of functional furniture design or just a die-hard polka enthusiast, this accordion-like shelving unit should be right up your alley.

Conceived and built by 26-year old German designer Meike Harde, the Stockwerk shelf is an exercise in versatility and efficiency. The entire unit is held together by a set of hinges instead of static screws and bolts, so each shelf compartment can easily be collapsed or expanded depending on your needs. The sidewalls are split, chamfered, and fixed with piano hinges, which makes it sturdy and stable despite  its unconventional shape. It’s ideal for anyone living in a cramped inner-city apartment where square footage is a commodity, as it can grow or shrink to accommodate varying levels of books, plants, tchotchkes, and whatever else you put on a shelf.

Furthermore, unlike the ubiquitous flat-pack systems that dominate the furniture market right now, Stockwerk requires absolutely zero assembly and is delivered folded up. That means not only are you saved from the tedium and frustration brought on by Allen wrenches and poorly-drawn pictographic instructions, but transporting it also won’t be such a pain next time you move. If there’s one thing we hate about shelves, it’s definitely how difficult they are to maneuver through stairwells.

Despite being absolutely brilliant, Stockwerk isn’t in mass production quite yet. However, if you’re interested in buying one for your pad, you can hit up Mieke directly on her website to get info on pricing and availability.