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Coodo futuristic tiny houses come with high-tech smart features and maybe a sauna

If you’re going to have a tiny home, why not make it a smart one? LTG Lofts to Go, a Hamburg, Germany-based company, recently created the Coodo 64. At 720-square-feet, the home is larger than most of its other tiny homes, with some versions of the Coodo measuring as small as 200 square feet. Like all Coodos, its futuristic design and smart features make it different than most other modular and tiny houses.

Coodo homes have almost all electrical devices connected to a wireless smart system. The homeowner can operate their devices through a mobile phone or a tablet. The tiny house can include smart features like a camera, movement sensor, temperature sensor, door and windows sensors, and smoke detector. The residents can also dim the lights and monitor their power usage through their phone or tablet. The home does not require additional wiring, as all of these components work over a wireless connection.

The prefab tiny houses are energy- and resource-efficient. LTG uses almost all recycled materials to build Coodos, and they use high-rated insulation materials and double or triple glazing to prevent energy loss and reduce heating and cooling costs. The company installs a multifunctional heat pump that also serves as a premium air filtration system.

Like most other tiny houses, modular pods, and prefab homes, Coodo houses are easy to transport. LTG usually uses standard shipping containers and assembles the homes on location.

Customers have several options when choosing a Coodo. LTG makes one room pods that can serve as offices or even saunas. They also make vacation pods with only one room and one bathroom, as well as entire standalone tiny houses. LTG will soon be making a “Coodo 96,” which is larger than the “Coodo 64.” The company is also coming out with a “Coodo 64 Up,” which is a larger two-story model, and a “Watercoodo,” which sits on a floating platform in the water.

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