Rock legend David Bowie’s NYC apartment up for grabs for $6.5 million

david bowie nyc apartment for sale 1
Are you a music lover looking for somewhere to live out your golden years? You could do worse than David Bowie’s New York City apartment, which went on the market last month for $6.495 million.

As keepsakes go, the apartment where rock’s most enigmatic shapeshifter lived from 1992 to 2002 is pretty sweet. The three-bedroom home sprawls over 1,800 square feet and has a stunning view of Central Park. It features a limestone foyer; a walk-in closet that was custom-built for Bowie’s wife, Iman; two master bedrooms; and a master bath with a rain shower. The apartment also features state-of-the-art appliances including a Miele oven and dishwasher, a Liebherr refrigerator, and Gaggenau cooktop.

It formerly held a panic room in the event a crazed fan managed to get in the apartment, but that has since been converted back to a water closet.

Bowie bought the apartment in 1992 for an unknown sum, and sold the apartment a decade later for $1.7 million. The current sellers did not buy the apartment from Bowie and Iman, but have kept the home’s musical tradition alive by offering Bowie’s pristine Yamaha piano.

“I would imagine it is hard to move but I think it’s a really great catch for buyers,” said real estate agent Bernice Leventhal of the Corcoran Group to ABC News.

The apartment would have been a honeymoon residence for the reclusive singer and his supermodel wife, who married in 1992. It was a remarkable decade for the rock star in which he headlined the Glastonbury Festival, was inducted into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame, and released influential albums like Black Tie White Noise, Earthling and Hours. In 1995, Bowie embarked on the controversial Outside tour with co-headliner Nine Inch Nails.

Bowie dropped off the radar a bit after suffering a heart attack on stage in Germany in 2004, but never stopped making music. His final album, Blackstar, was released three days before his death last year at the age of 69.

If NYC isn’t your scene, you can also rent Bowie’s Caribbean getaway, the Mandalay Estate on the exclusive island Mustique in the West Indies, where you can hobnob with the likes of Mick Jagger, Noel Gallagher, and the duke and dutchess of Cambridge. Bowie is said to have left the island because the house was so tranquil and peaceful that he found it hard to get any work done.

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