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Eco3spray kills germs using nothing but tech-treated water

eco3spray kills germs using nothing tech treated water eco3spray31

For years, the go-to method for killing germs has been either burning them to death, or poisoning them with harsh chemicals. This is highly effective, but does come with a major drawback: oftentimes the chemicals we use are just as harmful as the germs we’re trying to destroy.

Eco3spray offers a solution to this problem. Rather than using industrial strength chemicals to eliminate harmful bacteria, Eco3spray uses a bit of technological magic to transform ordinary tap water (H2O) into dissolved ozone (O3), a naturally-occurring compound that obliterates a wide range of different pathogens like E. coli, salmonella, staph aureus, pneumonia, and more. You might’ve heard of it before – it’s all over the place in Earth’s upper atmosphere, and you can smell it sometimes after a lightning strike. When used as a cleaner, it works just as effectively as chlorine or bleach, but doesn’t come with any unpleasant fumes or leave behind toxic chemical residue.

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 10.25.20 AMTo be sure, this isn’t the first time that ozone has been used as a sanitizer. O3 been used in industrial applications for decades, but it isn’t as prevalent in the consumer space yet because the process needed to create it – electrolysis – is notoriously difficult to perform in a small, handheld consumer product. Eco3spray is arguably the first application of this technology that’s compact, easy to use, portable, and can quickly transform water into ozone on demand.

Here’s how it works: after being loaded with water, Eco3spray uses a diamond electrolysis cell (basically a really high-tech and effective method of zapping water molecules) to break the water molecules down in to hydrogen, oxygen, and ozone. Then, a small motor spews the dissolved ozone out in a fine mist, where it comes in contact with whatever surface you aim it at. As these ozone molecules make contact with bacteria, they create a reaction called an “oxidative burst,” which makes a tiny hole in the bacteria’s cell wall. As more and more of these tiny holes are created, the cell loses it’s shape, causing it to die.

The best part about it is that after the ozone has done its job and murdered all the microbes, it breaks down into nothing more than water and oxygen, so there’s no harsh chemicals to go down the drain or irritate your hands and arms. This makes Eco3spray ideal for the kitchen, as it’s completely safe to use on fruits, vegetables, and prep surfaces.

Details on pricing and availability have yet to surface, but for the time being you can find out more about the device on this spec sheet, or head to the manufacturer’s website.

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