Expedition Tripod is handcrafted of cured ash wood

expedition tripod jpg

This wooden tripod is a landscape photographer’s dream and its handsome looks set it apart from the crowd of black metal devices. Turns out that wood actually absorbs more vibration than metal, making it a natural choice for tripods, considering stillness is the most important factor when designing a tripod. The Expedition Tripod ($290) is crafted in Germany in a traditional way that gives each tripod the steadiness required of pro photographers and amateurs alike. The sustainably-harvested ash wood is actually stored for two years after harvesting to eliminate any leftover tension from the tree’s growth process. The varnished wood is particularly good for long use and weathering severe conditions. The tripod is extendable, has a long-lasting twisting leg lock, and uses spiked retractable feet for solid footing on rough terrain. Plus, it will make you look way more hip than those amateurs with metal tripods.