Finally, ceiling lights worth buying

This isn’t exactly high tech, but it is the first time we’ve seen ceiling lights and been compelled to share them. We found these lights via Gizmodo, who compared them to the Pipes screensaver in Windows 95/98/XP. They’re sold by a company called Ontwerpduo and is called “Light Forest.” The lights and pipes can be arranged in a seemingly endless variety of ways and are expandable.

“Forest light is a new system for ceiling lights,” says the product description. “The possibilities are unlimited. The design consists out of different parts, which can be connected at the ceiling. Step by step the light system is overgrowing the ceiling as it were. 
It is possible to get one ore much more light points exactly where you want them. Also a wall light is possible. Obstacles or height differences are beautiful to use with these lights.”


They remind us of an array of Mario pipes, or perhaps a dank Russian prison, which we also find oddly appealing. In any case, there is a vine-like overgrowth element to them that feels random and fresh. Since we feel compelled to talk about something high tech, you could screw in fancy LED bulbs to them, if you wish. Or maybe black lights.