iTwin USB allows cloud-like remote file access without software

One of the newer buzzwords floating around these days is use of “The Cloud” or essentially being able to access your files from a remote location. We don’t have it down to an easy science yet, but when we can make it happen it usually revolves around some kind of software, and the connection between two devices can be less than secure. The iTwin USB Remote File Access ($99) aims to make cloud computer more secure with a small USB device that has two connecting parts. Connect one half of the device to your online at-home computer and the other to your laptop or work computer and you can access any file you might want. Users can view, copy, edit, or download files to the remote computer. Any data transfer that happens is protected by an ultra-secure AES 256 encryption, so the data floating around in some service provider’s “cloud” will be useless to hackers if it’s ever compromised. If one half of the iTwin goes missing, the other half can be used to deactivate the missing piece. Despite a name that is clearly going off the Apple brand, this handy little USB device only works on PCs as of yet.

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