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These hipsters just reinvented the brown paper lunch bag

Taking lunch or healthy snacks to work doesn’t happen for some of us because the idea of carrying an old-fashioned lunchbox or a brown paper bag is a buzz kill. So Brooklyn’s Dynomighty Design launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Mighty Stash Pack — a new look at the form and function of the lowly brown paper bag.

The Mighty Stash Pack is the end result of two years of defining the needs for an updated lunch bag and then experimenting with sizes and materials. The bag folds flat for portability and storage when not holding your comestibles. When in use, the zippered bag opens to a tetrahedron shape. The biggest requirements for the design project were that the bag needed to be insulated, water and stain resistant, and easy to clean inside and out.

The bag is made of three layers. The outer layer is faux-leather polyurethane, an inexpensive durable material used in many products since the 1940s. The middle layer is inexpensive insulating pillow-embossed protective foam, the same material used in many larger insulating bags. The inmost layer is nylon.

Dynomighty used the same tetrahedron shape with a previous product, the Mighty Stash Bag. That smaller bag is often used to store and carry coins or tech cables. The tetrahedron shape is surprisingly capacious. According to the company, you can carry 16 Clementine oranges in the Mighty Stash Pack.

You can turn the bag inside out for easy cleaning. An attached carabiner makes it easy to hang the pack on strollers, backpacks, bicycles, and vehicle headrests. A compartment inside the Mighty Stash Pack can hold an ice pack to keep the contents cool.

The Mighty Stash Bag is marketed for health conscious and economically minded individuals and families with kids. You’ll save money on paper bags, sure, but the greater economy comes from having a bag sufficiently roomy to carry an adult lunch and keep the contents warm or cool. If people choose to make their lunches and prepare snacks at home to take to work or school the cost savings and the health benefits should both add up quickly.

Dynomighty Design envisions other uses beyond carrying meals and snacks, of course. In some of the company’s lifestyle images, the bag is used to carry tech accessories, makeup, beach supplies, baby supplies, and even books.

Dynomight Design set a low $1,000 all-or-nothing goal on the Mighty Stash Pack Kickstarter campaign. With eight days to go, the Mighty Stash Pack has already exceeded its goal 13 fold. The bags are scheduled to ship in June 2017 and at that time the list price will be $20. There are still Kickstarter discounts available for $15 for one bag, $29 for two bags, on up to $250 for 25 bags.

While you wait for ’em to ship, why not consider the choicest lunchbox on the planet too?

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