New iPod On The Way?

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Could it be true? Could there be a new iPod Nano and a new iTunes in weeks? That’s what Digg founder Kevin Rose says the rumors are.

In a personal blog posting, he claims to have the information from anonymous sources. The new iPod Nano, he says, will be curved, as well as thinner and longer, with a larger screen. That would certainly seem comparable with an Apple patent application from 2006, which described a ceramic tube casing that would allow the transmission of Wi-Fi signals, according to Vnunet.

Additionally, Rose says Apple will cut prices throughout the iPod line, and offer a new version of iTunes and iPod Touch firmware. All this will happen in the next two to three weeks.

However, he hasn’t always been on the money. In the past he’s predicted that the iPhone would be offered through multiple carriers and sport several batteries, and that the iPhone 3G would have video chat.