Novaerus sanatizes your home with cold plasma that obliterates airborne pathogens

novaerus uses cold plasma obliterate airborne pathogens

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that once one person gets sick, your entire house tends to become a giant petri dish. That’s just how communicable diseases work, and there’s usually not much you can do about it. Most of us turn to sanitizer sprays and immune system-boosting drugs to stave off illnesses. But that may become a thing of the past thanks to Novaerus, which offers an alternative (and awesome) solution.

Rather than relying on chemicals to sanitize the atmosphere, a Novaerus filter circulates the air in your home through a patented cold plasma field, effectively murdering any airborne pathogens that might be present. This plasma field is basically a wall of high-intensity UV radiation that destroys the protein bio-films of viruses, breaks down the cell walls of bacteria, and also denatures mold, allergens, and odors – all while using less energy than a standard 40-watt lightbulb.

novaerus unitTo prove the effectiveness of this technique, scientists at Microsearch Laboratories in the UK fed a variety of pathogens through the intake vent of the system, and then analyzed the samples after they passed through the output vent. In these tests, the Novaerus system killed all but 0.001 percent of bacterial cells, bacterial spores, mold, and yeast. It also destroyed all but one billionth of a percent of viruses like influenza and norovirus. As an added benefit, cleaning the air in this fashion also keeps surfaces cleaner, and was shown in lab tests to reduce microbe counts on surfaces by up to 90 percent.

The Novaerus system comes in a variety of different sizes: two portable units (NV300 and NV400) that can be placed anywhere in the house, and can sanitize roughly 400 square feet. The NV600 model is a bit larger, and is designed to be installed into walls or ceilings. 

Details on pricing and availability aren’t available at this point, but you can find additional info or schedule a live demo here.


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