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Cleans Your Pool 3 Times Per Charge: Ofuzzi Cyber 1200 Pro Robotic Pool Cleaner

This content was produced in partnership with Ofuzzi.

We just had a pool installed in our home — we signed the contract early last year — and it’s been something of a nightmare to get finished. While the pool is finally up and running, we’re still waiting on our screen enclosure which has created quite the conundrum. You see, normally, you have to keep a pool clean but it’s not a super involved process. You can clean the surface with a net, scrub the tile and sides, and use a vacuum for the pool floor. However, because our pool is open to the elements, I find myself cleaning it daily, and not just the surface, but the bottom of the pool too. We find all kinds of rocks, dirt, dust, and debris down there, which is not the greatest for the new finish either. It’s in our best interest to clean it as soon as possible and keep it clean, but again, without that screen, it’s a monumental task. Even with your average pool vacuum, you have to connect the hose to the skimmer, sink the vacuum to the bottom, and keep an eye on the system while it moves about.

Cue the Ofuzzi Cyber 1200 Pro, a robotic pool cleaner that’s cordless and super convenient to use. Better yet, thanks to upgraded suction power, at 1.5 times your average pool vacuum, it cleans the pool efficiently and reliably. Let’s back up a little because you don’t usually see cordless or wireless pool vacuum cleaners, let alone a robotic variant that offers autonomy.  But that’s precisely what Ofuzzi’s Cyber 1200 Pro offers, and thanks to its innovative navigation path and auto-dock technology, it is nothing short of glorious. I can essentially set and forget the vacuum, leaving it to clean the pool and keep it clean, with minimal effort from me. It also offers a host of advanced features which make a world of difference for your pool. Let’s dive in.

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Pool Cleaning Automation for Minimal Hands-On

Ofuzzi Cyber 1200 in the water with brand name in bag.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The first thing you’ll notice about the Ofuzzi Cyber 1200 Pro, and the smaller Cyber 1000, is that there are no cords, tubes, or wires to contend with. You don’t have to run a drain hose to the skimmer, you don’t have to worry about any waterproof electric wires, and you don’t even have to watch out for cords, tubes, or other components. It’s a robotic vacuum, with wheels, that moves about freely thanks to innovative navigation path technology. That means it intelligently moves around the pool, cleaning surfaces with ease. When it touches the pool walls it will also revert and backtrack to ensure it cleans the entire thing. Auto-dock technology allows it to move to the closest wall and wait, after it’s all done cleaning, so you can pull it up via a hook or its floating handle.

One of its coolest features is the core lighting interaction, which immediately conveys the device’s status through a dynamic lighting scheme. A green flashing light means the robot is functioning correctly, while a fast green flashing light means low battery and a red light indicates a malfunction. Looking out over the surface of the water as it cleans, the lighting system gives you an indication of what’s happening so you can act accordingly, if say, there’s a malfunction or error. There’s no guesswork involved there.

Father and daughter near Ofuzzi Cyber 1200 robotic pool vacuum with manual.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Cyber 1200 Pro is super easy to clean and comes apart so you can empty the bin and filter. Plus, it’s relatively lightweight and easy to lift when it’s done its job. It also has a quick water release when you pull it out of the water — to cut down on watery messes. It can safely climb a maximum slope of 15 degrees, which is good if you have a pool that declines with a common shallow to deep-end design. In addition, it can navigate any pool shape or size, from square, rectangular, and round, to irregular and unique shapes.

Fast Charging and Reliable Endurance

Ofuzzi Cyber 1200 charging by pool fast.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

As it’s wireless, the Cyber 1200 Pro runs on a rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 120 minutes on a three-hour charge. For our pool, that’s enough time to clean it completely three to four times before it needs to recharge, which is impressive, to say the least. The automation changes the game, and allows for a more hands-off and convenient approach to pool cleaning, at least when it comes to keeping the bottom of the pool fresh and debris-free. For our home, and our pool that translates to more time actually enjoying the water and ambiance, and more time spent with my family, especially my kids.

I’ll be more than happy to continue using the Cyber 1200 Pro even after our screen is finally installed. The amount of work it puts in, and takes away from me, is invaluable. If you’re interested, you’ll be happy to know that currently, Ofuzzi is offering a 20% off discount on Amazon, which brings the standard price ($400) down to $320, saving you $80. To get it, just clip the on-page coupon and the discount will be applied at checkout. That deal won’t last long, however, so take advantage while you can.

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