Revo SuperConnect lets you stream just about every radio station in the world

one radio to rule them all revo superconnect lets you stream every kind of station ever

Ever wish you could take everything that’s awesome about speaker docks, wireless streaming, and personalized Internet radio stations and mash it all together into one easy-to-use device? Well, you’re in luck – the latest product from Revo is basically just that. The aptly-named SuperConnect is a next-generation audio device that provides radio from around the globe, access to your personal music collection, or a limitless supply of songs from Internet radio. 

revosuperconnectThe device can tap into audio streams from practically anywhere. In addition to traditional radio bands like AM, FM, DAB and DAB+, it can also connect to your home Wi-Fi connection to gain access to over 16,000 radio stations that stream over the web. So not only can you listen to Prairie Home Companion on NPR anytime you want, you can also tune in to salsa on Brazil’s Radio Caraibas, or strange Icelandic folk music on Reykjavik’s Rás 2 station – it’s all there just waiting to be played. 

If regular radio doesn’t tickle your fancy, SuperConnect also has Spotify Connect baked in, which – if you happen to be a Spotify Premium subscriber – gives you easy access to the service’s library of over 20 million songs. That’s more music than you could consume in a lifetime. But at the end of the day, even if all these streaming radio options still don’t do it for you, you can always connect to your personal music library from a networked computer, or simply stream your tunes via Bluetooth.

And SuperConnect is no slouch in the audio department either. We’ve yet to hear how it sounds for ourselves, but on paper it doesn’t look half bad. Beneath the furniture-grade walnut housing and anodized T6 aluminum grille, SuperConnect sports a single 3.5-inch balanced mode radiator (BMR) speaker driver and a 15W Class-D amplifier. For all you non audio geeks out there, BMR speakers are something of a hybrid between traditional pistonic drivers and flat-panel speakers, and can supposedly produce a broader range of frequencies from a single driver. This allows SuperConnect to pump out big, full-bodied sound despite its relatively small size. 

Unfortunately the device doesn’t hit the market until early November, but it is currently available for preorder on Revo’s site for £249.95  (roughly $337 USD).