New Samsung refrigerator lets you get your fizz fix straight from the door

SamsungRF31FMESB-sparklingRGB_610x1032Never heard of SodaStream? Get with the program, rookie! SodaStream is a jet carbonator – a kitchen appliance that can rapidly add bubbles to virtually any kind of liquid. The manufacturer recommends using it to add a refreshing fizz to water or juice, but we like to use it for surprising roommates with carbonated milk, or occasionally making box wine taste more like champagne on a romantic evening.

Alright, all joking aside, the idea behind it is rather cool. If you buy a SodaStream system, you can carbonate your own drinks and won’t need to buy soda – thus cutting down the number of bottles and cans you use, reducing your carbon footprint, and saving the planet from becoming a giant landfill. It’s a great idea, but we see some inherent problems here. First, in a world without bottles and cans to recycle, what will our nation’s bums do to pay for their gin? (If you didn’t get that, your state probably doesn’t have the Bottle Bill). Second, with more than 30 cubic feet of space and a jet carbonator that eliminates the need to buy soda, what the hell will you fill your fridge with?

This is why we need this new Samsung refrigerator that comes complete with a carbonator built right into the water dispenser. In addition to carbonated water, the fridge door can also serve up plain old water and ice. It cannot, however, dispense carbonated ice. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for the future though. This model is called the Samsung RF31FMESBSR 36″ – That’s quite a mouthful, but don’t worry! If you buy the fridge, you can wash that mumbo jumbo down with a nice fizzy drink. Problem solved. 

The Samsung RF31RMESBSR will be available in April at a suggested retail price of $3,900.

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