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Meat-cooking video chef shares his latest triumph: Sloppy Joe Sliders

Sloppy Joe Slider - Mini Hamburger Recipe - COOK WITH ME.AT
It’s always inspiring to watch people who love their work. Christian Winkler’s passion for cooking with meat is apparent from the first glance of any of the videos on his website or his Youtube channel. Winkler’s latest effort ouevre, Sloppy Joe Slider — Mini Hamburger Recipe, gets you going with its driving music track and high production value video as he takes you through the steps.

One of Winkler’s earlier videos showed the possibility of using your dishwasher to cook a steak sous vide style. The Sloppy Joe Slider recipe doesn’t include any unusual cooking techniques, but combines frying, baking, toasting, and baking again,

It’s more fun just to watch the video — and a lot more musical — but here are the basic steps to make the Cook’s Sloppy Joe Sliders. You start by preheating a skillet with olive oil. Add about a pound of ground beef and fry until the meat is slightly brown. Add chopped onions and green chili peppers and cook two minutes longer.

Next add a crushed garlic clove, tomato paste and tomato puree, some catsup, salt, and a little maple syrup. Keep it cooking, stirring pretty much constantly until it gets sticky — Winkler says it takes about 12-15 minutes. Take the cooked meat mixture aside where it won’t get over-cooked, but keep it warm.

The next step uses one container of ready to bake rolls, which usually means six rolls. Separate the dough, dip each piece in water, put one end into a flat container of sesame seeds, and then bake according to the directions on the package.

When the rolls are baked, cut them in half and toast them lightly in butter in a skillet. Spoon the meat mixture on what will be the bottom of the split rolls sitting on a cookie sheet. Put some cheddar cheese on each atop the meat and slide the sheet into a hot oven just long enough to melt the cheese — don’t walk away or it’ll be too late. Take the rolls out of the oven, add a pickle slice, put the top on each one, and serve.

If you enjoy Winkler’s Sloppy Joe Sliders, you might be inspired to try his signature dish that got him started making meat-cooking videos: BBQ Bacon Sushi. The exact ingredient measurements for Sloppy Joe Sliders are included in the video description when you click “More.”

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