Surc case turns iPhone into powerful universal remote

surc case turns iphone into powerful universal remote

This iPhone case from Surc, which won’t be released for sale until spring of this year, can turn your phone into a universal remote for practically every remote-controlled device in your home. Using a built-in IR transmitter (the same kind in your TV remote) and an app that interface with it, the case allows users to set up devices in different rooms, control what buttons appear on the remote, and even create room remotes for multiple devices or actions. Users, for example, can create a room remote for a living room that will turn on the HDTV, DVD player, and surround sound system all in one action for watching movies. The Surc app can also be used to share remote settings with others (your roommate or wife, say) and back up settings in case of a lost phone or new device. The case will retail in spring for $70 and is currently available for iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs, and iPhone 4. The company is currently working on expanding to include cases for the iPod touch, iPad, and several Android devices.