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Swann tackles crime prevention with two new security cameras

You probably didn’t know that October is National Crime Prevention Month. But it is, and now you know, so you might as well celebrate by making your home safer. Lucky for you, do-it-yourself security company Swann is introducing two new internet-connected security cameras.

Swann’s Wi-Fi security cameras come in two models, one for indoor use and one for the outdoors. You’ll have to find a nearby outlet to plug the device into, but once it is on, both versions of the camera can keep a constant eye on your home.

The cameras capture footage in full HD, 1080p video — which is not quite as impressive as the company’s 4K camera that it introduced earlier this year, but will certainly get the job done, and you can check in on the footage live at any time. When connected to Wi-Fi, the cameras stream in full video quality to your mobile devices. You just need to connect via the Safe by Swann app, which is available for iOS and Android devices, to tap into the camera and see what it sees.

Even when you’re not watching live, the camera can capture clips and save them to local memory or a secure cloud account that you can access at any time.

In addition to providing you with a permanent view of your home, the new Swann cameras also support voice control through Alexa. That means if you want to check in on your camera or provide it with a command, all you’ll have to do is tell your Alexa-powered smart speaker what to do and it’ll take care of it for you. The company didn’t make note of support for any other A.I. assistant, though earlier this year it introduced Google Assistant support for one of its other cameras, so that may be in the future plans for these devices.

“We are thrilled to bring awareness to Crime Prevention Month and thankful for the opportunity to educate the public on how to keep their homes, businesses, and surroundings safe,” Jeremy Stewart, vice president of global marketing at Swann, said in a statement.

The company is also inviting people to submit their home security systems and nominate people who would benefit from one via social media by using the hashtag #SwannSecurityHeroes. The company will be giving out a complimentary video security system to the winners during National Crime Prevention Month.

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