Temperfect mug keeps your coffee at the ideal temperature

temperfect mug keeps coffee ideal temperature

We’ve got some serious beef with coffee mugs. Ones that aren’t insulated well tend to leech the temperature quickly and leave you drinking cold sludge, whereas the ones with nearly-perfect vacuum walls keep it piping hot and undrinkable for far too long. Sure, this definitely qualifies as a first-world problem, but it’s a problem nonetheless, and lucky for us there’s finally a solution.

By utilizing a combination of insulation and vacuum walls, the Temperfect mug is able to take the excess heat out of too-hot coffee, store it in the wall of the mug, and then use it later to keep the coffee at a pleasant drinking temperature. That might sound like a relatively simple idea, but getting it right required years of testing with different materials. Dean Verhoeven, the man behind the mug, spent months calculating and modeling and researching appropriate materials for the mug’s components, followed by 15 years of making, testing, and improving prototypes.

So basically, he’s had plenty of time to fiddle with different materials and lock down the perfect combination of insulators to keep your coffee warm. The result is pretty amazing. Pour any hot drink into this cup, and even if it’s nearly boiling, it’ll cool down to a drinkable temperature within two minutes. The excess heat is drawn into a specially-engineered ceramic insulator that holds the heat and slowly releasees it back into the contents of the mug, keeping your drink in the 125- to 145-degree range (what Verhoeven calls the “ahh zone”) for up to three hours. This way you won’t have to wait to enjoy your drink, and you don’t have to rush to finish it before it gets cold.

Verhoeven and his partner are currently seeking funding on Kickstarter to their first large-scale production run. Find out more here.