The Handstand iPad case makes multitasking easier

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This molded silicone iPad case from Portland, Oregon-based designer Jamie Smith aims to make using your device easier and more intuitive with the addition of a hand strap. The Handstand ($50) uses a circular disc to allow users to rotate the iPad 360 degrees and easily switch from landscape to portrait mode. Its main goal, however, is to alleviate fatigue and awkwardness caused by the iPad’s ergonomic flaws. If you’ve ever tried to work on an iPad for an extended period of time with no case or stand, you will notice that it’s sleek design can be difficult to use comfortably. With the Handstand, instead of awkwardly holding the iPad up, it can gently rest in your hand,leaving your other hand free to make the most out of your iPad, or multitask. An elastic band keeps things comfortable and when not in use, the Handstand gently props your iPad up at a slight angle for viewing.