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Tech-out your home remodeling project with tiles made from old TVs

tile floor old tv monitors tiles

It seems like on just about every episode of MTV’s Cribs there was a scene where (insert name of semi-famous one-hit wonder celebrity) stops the tour in his entryway to explain how every single tile in the floor was imported from some monastery in France. Why? Because what could possibly be more baller than ancient stone tiles imported from a foreign country, right?

Wrong. I’ll tell you what’s more baller: tiles made out of old TVs. It’s probably the most flossy thing you could ever walk on. Just think about it – once upon a time, people paid hundreds of dollars for these TVs and computers, and now you walk on ’em in your Dora the Explorer slippers like a boss. That’s pretty sweet.

The best part is that not only are they super extravagant-sounding, they’re also environmentally-friendly. Forget recycled – these tiles are upcycled, which is all the rage in the eco-hippy community these days. Each set is made from an old TV that would otherwise be sitting in a landfill somewhere. The technology behind CRT monitors requires that the glass be exceptionally thick and shatter resistant, which makes them extremely difficult to recycle. But Fireclay Tile has figured out a way to do it.

crt glassIt’s actually a relatively simple process.  To transform all these junked TV and computer monitors into colored glass tiles, they start by removing the glass panels from their housing, then crushing them down to small sand-sized particles that will melt when exposed to heat. These particles are then placed in ceramic molds and sent through a kiln, where they melt to form tiles. By adding a variety of different pigments to the mix , Fireclay is able to create tiles in a wide range of colors.

The company recently launched a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, but don’t worry – that doesn’t mean you’ll have to wait around for a year before you can get your hands feet on some of their awesome tiles. Their business is already up and running, and their tiles are sold at retailers across the US. Track one down here to get a quote on pricing/availability.

Find out more on Fireclay’s Kickstarter page.

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