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You can now buy the $599 Opte to photoshop your skin in real life

This story is part of our continuing coverage of CES 2020, including tech and gadgets from the showroom floor.

If you tend to use filters on your selfies or have been known to touch up a photo a little before you post it to social media then you probably have thought how nice it would be if you could “photoshop” your skin in real life so you looked perfect all the time. Opte Precision Skincare System, a skincare device by P&G Ventures, the startup studio within Procter & Gamble, lets you do just that. This personalized handheld inkjet printer (yes, it’s literally a printer for your skin) claims to instantly make the appearance of skin hyperpigmentation disappear, moisturize the skin, and fade spots over time. We tried it at CES 2020 and it does seem to work.

Opte Percision Skincare CES 2020 with hand

How does it work?

“The Opte wand scans the skin with an enhanced digital camera that captures 200 frames per second and instantly analyzes each image using a proprietary algorithm to detect tonal imperfections not visible to the human eye,” said the company in a press release. “Using input from the algorithm, Opte precisely prints via a new-to-the-world, custom thermal inkjet printer and cartridge, depositing picolitre droplets of Spot Optimizing Serum on target areas until there is a perfect color match with the surrounding skin tone. Correcting in real time, Opte also faces the appearance of sun damage and hyperpigmentation spots over time.”

So basically, it finds imperfections, then sprays them with a serum that not only matches your skin and erases them like a really good foundation, it also treats the skin to make it look better over time. The company says that the device uses 95% less product than when you use a normal foundation and it works on 99% of skintones. Though the skin conditioning may last, the makeup part isn’t permanent. At the end of the day, the color can be removed with a makeup wipe.

This isn’t the first time the Opte Precision Skincare System has been presented at CES. It first debuted at CES 2019 and ended up receiving four “Best Of” awards. This year, Opte is an Innovation Award Honoree. The product has returned revamped, too. It is now 70% less expensive and 30% faster than is was in 2019. It also has an improved user interface and upgraded OLED display.

The new Opte Precision Skincare System will be available in the summer for $599. New printing cartridges will cost around $100. You can join the waitlist and check out the system on

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