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Apple Buys Mobile Ad Firm Quattro Wireless

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Internet giant Google is in the process of trying to finish up acquiring mobile advertising firm AdMob, but now Cupertino is getting into the game: Apple has just clinched a deal to acquire mobile advertising firm Quattro Wireless for a so-far undisclosed amount.

“Together with Apple, we look forward to developing exciting new opportunities in the future that will benefit our customers,” wrote Quattro Wireless co-founder Andy Miller, in a statement. “For now, the offerings and services you receive from Quattro Wireless will not change. We will continue to operate the Quattro Wireless network across all devices and platforms.”

Industry speculation has Apple putting about $275 million towards its acquisition of Quattro Wireless. The company focuses on delivery highly targeted advertising on mobile platforms, and counts Time, CBS Interactive, Univision, Edmunds, Slacker, the NFL, and NHL among its clients. Quattro Wireless’s core team is largely made up of former m-Qube folks; m-Qube was acquired by VeriSign in 2006 for some $250 million.

Quattro Wireless Logo
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Neither Apple nor Quattro Wireless have indicated what Apple plans to do with the company, but it’s a safe bet that Apple plans to integrate Quattro’s mobile advertising platform into the iTunes App Store and provide a way for application developers and content providers to push ads to users of things like the iPhone, iPod touch, and future as-yet-unannounced portable devices from Apple. Some industry watchers envision Apple setting up something similar to Google Adwords for iPhone apps, whereby developers can simply opt to have their applications tap into targeted ad streams and (perhaps) receive a cut of revenue in exchange. Quattro Wireless co-founder Andy Miller is now Apple’s VP of Mobile Advertising, however.

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