Apple Releases iPhone 2.2 Software

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Apple has released version 2.2 of its software for the iPhone and iPod touch, tweaking the interface on the devices and adding significant new features to the integrated Maps applications. The update is available for free via iTunes, but eager updaters should take note that the update is mammoth, weighing in between 240 and 270 MB, depending on the device being updated.

The update includes improvements to the integrated Mail application, (including better rendering of wide HTML-formatted email) and adds the ability to download podcasts via the integrated iTunes application via Wi-Fi and mobile data networks. The update also includes stability and performance enhancements for the Safari Web browser (along with a side-by-side Google search bar), and adds a preference to turn auto-correction on and off. Apple also says the update should improve the iPhone’s call setup features and reduce the number of dropped calls users experience.

The most significant improvement, however, is a substantial enhancement to the Maps application, which now includes Google Street View (in supported areas), plus the addition of public transit and walking directions, the ability to display the addresses of dropped pins, and the ability to share location information via email.

Apple has also rolled a number of security fixes into the update.