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BlackBerry App World Leaves Beta

The latest version of RIM’s BlackBerry App World has left beta, enabling developers to offer BlackBerry applications for $0.99 and $1.99—just like iTunes and Android market—as well as enabling customers to purchase apps using major credit cards. With carrier support, users may also be able to purchase apps with carrier billing: buy the app, and it becomes a line item on the next cell phone bill.

The new version of BlackBerry App World also offers new ways to find applications, including new tabbed sections for applications lists: users can scroll and swipe quickly through the top 25 items in categories, including new apps, latest updated apps, and top paid adds.

RIM has also integrated BlackBerry ID into BlackBerry App World, making it easier for BlackBerry owners to transition to a new device: with a BlackBerry ID, they can easily tap back into apps and items they bought via BlackBerry App World, no re-purchase necessary.

RIM says BlackBerry App World users should already be receiving upgrade notifications.

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