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Chinese iPhones Get Wi-Fi

Apple’s iPhone partner in China, China Unicom, says (Chinese) it will start selling Apple iPhone handsets in China with integrated Wi-Fi wireless networking beginning next week. When Apple iPhones initially went on sale in China last year, the units lacked Wi-Fi connectivity due to Chinese wireless regulations; at the time, China was trying to promote its own wireless networking technology dubbed WAPI, but has sense eased regulations to permit Wi-Fi devices.

China Unicom says it will sell 8 GB iPhone 3GS units with integrated Wi-Fi, and continue to offer 16 GB and 32 GB models without Wi-Fi.

Adding Wi-Fi to the Chinese edition of the iPhone should help the phone compete against the wide range of devices available on the Chinese market…as well as black market iPhones being imported from other countries. The iPhone 4 is not yet officially available in China.

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