ColorWare Brightens Up the iPhone

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Apple’s iPhone might be the darling of the mobile industry right now, but that doesn’t mean its design is to everyone’s taste—even to folks who’ve already plunked down $500 or $600 for the device. That’s why ColorWare is offering to pimp out your iPhone in any one of 29 different color combinations: customers send in their iPhones, ColorWare performs the aftermarket work, and returns the phone. For folks who want an iPhone but can’t stand its conservative design, ColorWare will also be happy to sell you a brand new iPhone with your color scheme pre-applied.

The colorization process is strictly an aftermarket deal, and isn’t affiliated or endorsed by Apple. Basically, ColorWare takes the iPhone apart, cleans it, applies the specified paint and color options, then coats the whole thing with the company’s secret X2 finish. Once the unit has cured, ColorWare wraps everything back up in the manufacturer’s original packaging and returns the unit to the customer.

But as you might imagine, the process isn’t cheap: ColorWare wants $149 to colorize your existing iPhone, or will sell you a brand new iPhone colorized to your specifications: $649 for the 4 GB version, and $749 for the 8 GB version. The cost might seem a bit extreme, but—let’s face it—anyone buying an iPhone today isn’t putting price first and foremost in their minds. And did we mention 29 color combinations? Mixed and matched? Different backs, bottoms, frames, buttons, and logo colors?

ColorWare also offers colorization services for gaming consoles, mobile devices, notebook computers…and even Zunes.