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Want a Nook Simple Touch for just $20? There is a catch … you have to go to Radio Shack

Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch eReader (CEO William Lynch)

Barnes & Noble started off this week by heavily discounting Nook HD and Nook HD+ tablets by $90. Now as the week starts winding down (and Mother’s Day gets closer) we have another really great Nook deal. Radio Shack is selling the Nook Simple Touch for just $20 (normally it’s $80). In order to get this deal you’ll have to physically take yourself to Radio Shack, which is about as antiquated an idea as … Radio Shack.

The Simple Touch is a great e-reader. It’s lightweight, has an excellent screen, and responsive touch function. It’s great for anyone who wants to keep their reading a bit old school or just doesn’t like the glare from a tablet screen. 

Given the steep discount, you might want to call ahead to your local Radio Shack to be sure the e-reader is in stock before heading out. If you miss out on a $20 Nook, Walmart is selling them for $60 in stores and online. But even if you miss out on this deep discount now, don’t fret too much. B&N has released a new or refreshed E Ink device around this time in the past in order to garner some attention from the Book Expo America literary trade show crowd. If a new e-reader is on the horizon, the now two-year-old Simple Touch will likely get a deep discount on the last of the stock, just as the original Nook did.

(Thanks to Liliputing for the tip!)

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