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HTC codename leak shows M7, the Opera Facebook phone and many more

A leak has exposed a huge list of potential new HTC device codenames, including some relating to already released phones, references to several we’ve heard of before, plus a selection of new ones too. Let’s take a look at the list before examining it further.

  • Apollo_TD
  • Deluxe_R
  • Deluxe_UL
  • Deluxe_TW
  • Era_U
  • Evita_UTL
  • Impression_J
  • Jet
  • Knight
  • M7_U
  • M7_WL
  • M7_WLJ
  • M7_WLV
  • M7DCG
  • M7DTG
  • M7DUG
  • M7C_DTU
  • Monaco_TDU
  • Monaco_U
  • Monaco_UL
  • Opera_UL
  • Primominiu
  • Pulse_TDPUE_TD
  • Quattrof
  • Quatrou
  • Venus_CL
  • Verdi_LTE
  • CP3DCG
  • CP3DTG
  • CP3DUG
  • PDLU
  • K2_CL
  • K2_WL
  • K2_PLC_CL

The one name which really stands out is the M7, a device about which we’ve heard plenty recently, as it’s believed to be HTC’s new flagship phone for 2013 and it may be seen at either CES or more likely, Mobile World Congress. There are a dizzying eight variations of the M7 listed, all representing different radio configurations.

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The Deluxe will be another familiar name, as it’s known to be the codename of the HTC Butterfly, the third variation of the HTC J Butterfly/Droid DNA family to be released. Now to really test your knowledge. How about the Quattro, presented here as the Quattro F and the Quattro U? This was linked to an HTC tablet some time ago, a project which could have been resurrected to prove to Microsoft it was a worthy Windows RT partner. The Verdi is also a tablet last rumored way back in early 2011, when it was said to have a 10-inch screen and run Android 3.0 Honeycomb.

Another particularly interesting name is the Opera, which has been attached to the now almost legendary Facebook phone after it was spotted in a benchmark test late last year. At the time it was shown to be using a 1.4GHz processor, boast a screen with a 1280 x 720 pixel resolution and run Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean. Despite denials by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, it appears the Facebook phone is still being worked on at HTC.

As for the others, the HTC Jet was a codename used for the device which eventually became the One X, while the One X+ was referred to as the Era 42 by some sources, and the One XL has worn the Evita codename too. Moving on to the HTC Knight, this name could be being recycled, as it was last used in connection with the Evo Shift 4G for Sprint, a phone released more than two years ago. The Pulse is another one which HTC has perhaps decided to reuse, as it launched a budget Android phone named the Pulse in India during 2011.

The K2 became the HTC One SV, while the HTC One V was known as the HTC Primo prior to its release, so the Primominiu – or Primo Mini U – could be its successor. So, the Primominiu joins the DLXP, the Impression, the Monaco, the PDLU and the CP3 range as names we’ve not heard before.

With CES and MWC just around the corner, we could learn more about some of these new devices in the very near future.

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