Intel, Nokia, Motorola Team for Mobile TV

Nokia, Motorola, Texas Instruments, Intel, and Modeo have teamed up to form the Mobile DTV Alliance to promote the DVB-H standard for delivering mobile TV.

DVB-H stands for “Digital Video Broadcasting – Handheld” and is touted as an “open procedure standard;” the technology is notable for bypassing mobile networks by broadcasting directly to handheld devices from digital television transmitters, potentially enabling millions of viewers to access the service simultaneously without overburdening mobile data networks. Mobile phone networks are instead used for high-revenue interactive services and on-demand programming. The Mobile TV Alliance promises DVB-H will delivery “a living room TV viewing experience in the palm of your hand,” and, unlike even cable-based digital TV services, promised fast channel-changing time (an average of 1.5 seconds), 30+ channels of live TV at up to 30 frames per second, plus audio content